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Breast Augmentation NYC

bodySCULPT® - a leading plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, New York City (NYC), specializes in cosmetic breast augmentation procedures. With extensive training and experience in the field, our skilled plastic surgeons, Dr. Spero Theodorou and Dr. Christopher T. Chia, help women achieve their dream of fuller, youthful-looking, attractive breasts. Utilizing the latest technology and advanced techniques, they provide natural-looking results for the following breast enhancement procedures:

Our lunch time breast enhancement is a 20-minute procedure which involves injecting a saline solution into the breast tissue to enhance volume. An ideal option for special events, parties and vacations, the results of this non-invasive breast lift lasts for around 24 hours.

Breast Augmentation New York City

- Benefits You Can Gain
  • Enhances the bust line
  • Resolves sagging and asymmetry
  • Boosts self-confidence

Our NYC plastic surgeons use advanced minimal scar techniques which reduce surgical trauma and bruising and promote a faster return to your normal activities. All procedures are performed at our accredited surgical center on an outpatient basis.

Why Choose bodySCULPT for

Breast Augmentation in Manhattan

During the consultation, our surgeons utilize Axis Three 3D, VECTRA 3D imaging technologies or Oculus Rift 3D imaging glasses to provide photo-realistic 3D images of what you would look like after the procedure. This improves your consultation experience and helps you take a confident decision. Other reasons why bodySCULPT® is the ideal choice for breast enhancement surgery:

  • Outstanding care
  • Focus on safety
  • Customized solutions
  • Minimally invasive techniques
  • AAAASF-accredited center
  • Comfortable environment

With experienced surgeons and competent staff, we strive to provide patients with a pleasant and memorable surgical experience. Right from the first consultation through breast surgery, and at each follow-up visit, we ensure that our patients receive excellent personalized care.

To schedule you consultation for breast augmentation at our NYC practice, call 1-800-282-7285 or send an e-mail to

Oculus Rift 3D Imaging Glasses
3D Breast Simulation Technology