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Lunch Time Breast Enhancement

Are you looking for a solution that can temporarily enhance your breasts? Consider lunch time breast enhancement at bodySCULPT®. An AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, NYC, we offer innovative lunchtime lift to boost your breast size instantly but safely. This is an instant, non-invasive procedure to temporarily increase breast size within just 20 minutes.

This temporary breast lift would be your right choice to achieve fuller breasts and look great for special events, parties and vacations. The procedure will also help you get an idea about how you would look after breast augmentation. This is a great way for you to determine whether you would like to permanently enhance your breasts with our breast implant surgery.

Breast Augmentation

Using Saline Solution

During this 20-minute procedure, our plastic surgeons inject saline solution into your breast tissue. The outcome of this instant lift lasts for around 24 hours, after which the breasts will deplete to their natural size. The saline gets safely absorbed by the body.

Focused on patient care and comfort, our surgeons offer a customized solution that caters best to the needs of each patient.

In addition to this temporary breast augmentation, we provide breast implant surgery and composite breast augmentation to meet your diverse breast surgery goals. FDA-approved implants such as saline, silicone gel, gummy bear, and IDEAL IMPLANTS are used to enhance the breast volume. Composite breast augmentation called lipoimplant augmentation is the combination of breast implants with fat grafting to provide an overall softer and more natural look.

Visualize Results with

3-D Breast Simulation

We offer the advanced 3D breast simulation systems - Axis Three and VECTRA 3D which allow you to visualize your postoperative breast volume and contour. With a clear idea regarding the outcome of the procedure, you can make a confident and informed decision.

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