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Oculus Rift 3D Imaging Glasses

Feel Confident About Your

Breast Surgery


Specialized in breast augmentation procedure that brings about excellent aesthetic results, bodySCULPT®, a Manhattan-based plastic surgery practice utilizes advanced 3D imaging solutions to help patients clearly assess the possible outcomes of their surgery. Our leading plastic surgeons - Dr. Spero Theodorou and Dr. Christopher Chia are the first in NYC to offer Oculus Rift 3D imaging glasses (a Facebook company) for breast surgery consultation.

View the Results You Can Expect after Surgery

3D Virtual Reality glasses allow breast augmentation candidates to see how a specific size implant can change their breast size and contour. Patients no longer have to make any guesses about how different breast sizes and shapes will look on your own body.

View your future appearance in real time! With this technology, you will feel more confident about the implant options you choose.

Along with ensuring an entirely new and exciting consultation experience, this reliable technology also improves the rapport between our plastic surgeons and their patients.

See Your Imagination Come Alive!

Watch this video. Find out how the 3D VR technology works!

To benefit from this 3D imaging consultation for your breast augmentation procedure, just dial 1-800-282-7285 or send an e-mail to