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VECTRA 3D Imaging

It is quite natural for you to be curious about the final results of your plastic surgery procedure. Skilled breast surgeons at Manhattan-based bodySCULPT® plastic surgery practice use advanced VECTRA 3D imaging system that helps you to get a clear visualization of your potential results before you ever commit to having breast augmentation surgery.

Along with enhancing the consultation experience, this imaging device from Canfield also helps to:

  • Visualize the outcome of the procedure before it is performed
  • Take an informed decision about the surgery
  • Increase confidence level

VECTRA 3D Imaging Consultation

This imaging system visually approximates the appearance changes you can expect after your breast augmentation procedure. The Sculptor 3D software makes it easy to demonstrate to patients the exciting possibilities of their anticipated aesthetic procedure. The process involves:

Capturing a 3D Image: We capture the high-resolution 3D image of your breasts for a simplified consultation. Using multiple cameras, a number of images are captured, from different angles. VECTRA will display side-by-side before-and-after photos for easy comparison.

Communicating the possibilities: We will engage in a streamlined, persuasive consultation, so that you can visualize the possibilities, review the possibilities, and discuss the possible results of the aesthetic procedure(s) under consideration. We can even modify the image to your specifications, altering the image based on the sizes of implants and other choices.

Deciding on the best possible treatment plan: Based on the simulation designed, we will customize a treatment plan to help you attain the desired aesthetic goals.

The system also comes with the ability to model the lifting of the breast in conjunction with an augmentation. The process is done directly after the implants are modeled and before the final outcome is created. This enables the surgeons to help patients see and compare what the augmentation would look like with and without the lift.

Visualize Your New Breasts

By communicating your expectations more effectively, better decisions can be made and uncertainties avoided. We use this imaging system during the initial consultation for popular procedures for the breasts including:

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