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Some Interesting Facts About Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy bear implants are a highly advanced breast implant option for women looking to improve their breast size and shape. As it is relatively new to the market considering other implants, you may be looking for information on the same. Here are some useful facts about gummy bear implants.

  • Gummy bear breast implants have high-strength silicone stability, and so resemble the popular gummy bear candy.
  • Gummy bear implants are form-stable, so the gel stays intact if it is punctured.
  • These FDA-approved implants are sometimes referred to as Style 5 implants.
  • They are filled with high-strength silicone gel.
  • It is similar to slicing a gummy bear in half, as the two cut halves can stand on their own.
  • Gummy bear implants are offered in a tear drop shape, which better replicates a natural breast contour
  • These implants are filled (sized) and closed prior to insertion.
  • Unlike other implants, they come with minimal risk of capsular contracture.
  • These implants are much stronger and so the chances of wrinkles are very low.
  • Even if the rare chance of implant rupture occurs, its consistency allows the silicone to stay within the breast pocket which facilitates easy removal.
  • As regards shapes and covers – low, moderate, and high profile round; also oval and classic; both smooth and textured shells are available.
  • Women opting for these implants typically prefer incision around the areola, but some go for incision beneath the breast
  • The high-strength gel does not displace upon rupture and so typically detectable only through MRI.
  • The solidified gel can hold its natural shape and so offers the natural look of the breasts.
  • Women can make the choice from a wide variety of sizes in accordance with their body and breast anatomy.

The breast and body anatomy of each woman would be different and so the choice can be made only after considering all associated factors. A reliable, experienced plastic surgeon analyzes individual condition of each candidate and reveals the different possibilities with each implant type. With advanced options such as 3-D imaging available in established practices, women can visualize the results and the surgeon helps to take an informed decision.