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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Rejuvenate for the New Year Bash with an Instant Breast Lift

If you think that a little lift can make you look good in the special dress you got for your New Year party, get an instant breast lift. The procedure is minimally invasive and involves just a simple injection. There is no surgery involved and no downtime, which is why it is also referred to […]

Managing Your Breast Implants

With many safe and effective options available today in professional NYC surgical practices, breast augmentation with implants is growing in popularity. The success rate of the treatment and the positive experiences of those who have undergone it are also prompting many women to go in for breast implants. However, sustaining positive results depends on breast […]

What is Composite Breast Augmentation and What are its Advantages

Breast implant surgery is the conventional solution for a wide range of aesthetic issues such as underdeveloped or asymmetrical breasts, and reduced breast volume after childbirth and weight loss. In a reliable NYC plastic surgery practice, women can choose from various types of implants in different shapes and sizes. A newer technique – fat grafting […]

IDEAL Implant Tops List of “Biggest Beauty Breakthroughs” of 2015

The IDEAL IMPLANT is among the FDA-approved breast augmentation options that select plastic surgeons in New York City offer women. Though popular, silicone gel implants pose risk of ruptures, which can be detected only with an MRI scan. While saline implants are considered safer because ruptures are easier to detect and the saline solution is […]