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What is Composite Breast Augmentation and What are its Advantages

Breast implant surgery is the conventional solution for a wide range of aesthetic issues such as underdeveloped or asymmetrical breasts, and reduced breast volume after childbirth and weight loss. In a reliable NYC plastic surgery practice, women can choose from various types of implants in different shapes and sizes. A newer technique – fat grafting – allows women with fat to spare to use their own fat removed via liposuction to augment the breasts. However, this ‘natural’ option is not suitable for those who want more prominent results. Composite breast augmentation provides the solution by combining breast implants with fat transfer. It is also ideal for women who do not have enough breast tissue to hold the implants.

This versatile approach has added a new dimension to breast augmentation surgery.

Combining a patient’s own fat with breast implants offers the best of both worlds and provides more natural looking results. The implant increases breast volume while the fat graft covers it with the natural look and feel of fat. It also provides the added body-contouring advantage of liposuction.

Lipoimplant augmentation involves

  • Removal of excess fat from selected areas
  • Processing the fat tissues to enhance survival
  • Placement of the implants under the muscle
  • Injecting fat over the muscle and implant
  • Molding the breast to result in a softer and more natural look

For women who already have implants, fat injections can be used for maintenance touch-up even years after the surgery. The combo procedure offers many benefits

  • Increases fullness in the upper portion
  • Improves breast symmetry
  • Addresses the shape of tuberous breasts
  • Can be used in a composite breast lift
  • Improves body contour in the fat donor site

Implants alone are ideal for women who want bigger breasts and have enough soft tissue to cover them. Augmentation with fat alone is the only option for women who want to avoid implants. For all others, composite breast augmentation is a feasible solution.

Choosing a surgeon specialized in cosmetic breast surgery is crucial for an optimal outcome. In established practices, the surgeons help patients visualize the outcome of the procedure with 3D imaging. This enhances patient-physician interaction and improves the outcome. Some surgeons also combine lipoimplant augmentation with the Brazilian butt lift. Fat is removed from the waist and other parts of the body. Some fat is injected into the buttocks to enhance volume and shape and the rest is used to provide larger breasts with a more natural look.