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Breast Augmentation and Lift – Fallacies and Facts

An attractive bust line enhances a woman’s femininity, improves her overall looks and boosts her confidence. It’s little wonder that breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures among women. However, attractive breasts are not always about volume improvement as various factors such as aging, breastfeeding and excessive weight loss can lead to sagging. A breast lift takes care of this and results in a firmer, well-positioned, youthful-looking bust line.

Women who have a lift may be advised to have breast implant surgery as well when volume improvement can enhance the outcome. The combination of breast augmentation and lift would improve volume and also address sagging and is found to be an ideal solution to correct the changes that have occurred after childbirth, weight loss or aging. Ideal candidates for the combination procedure are those with small, deflated breasts and sagginess. A lift with breast implants combo procedure would provide a fuller, perkier appearance. Nevertheless, many plastic surgeons report that women have many misconceptions about the augmentation-lift combination procedure. Let’s look at the facts to dispel these fallacies.

  • Breast augmentation can lift sagging breasts: No, augmentation can improve volume and shape, but not position.
  • Combining breast lift and augmentation is risky: No, it is not. The combo procedure is safe according to a report published in the January 2103 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The experts found that both procedures can be safely combined with proper patient selection and a carefully planned surgical approach.
  • Just one surgery can provide the results I want: No, the combination procedure is usually done in stages. This is done to improve patient safety and allow for the body to recover in between the operations. This would also minimize the postoperative complications such as skin breakdown, reduced nipple sensation, and complete loss of the nipple.
  • As the incision is made around the nipple/areola, there will not be any scars on my breasts: This may not be the case always as more incisions may be needed in different areas to achieve an optimal outcome. Usually, the number of incisions needed would be greater with more sagging.

So women do not have to choose between breast implants and a lift. These are two different procedures with different goals. Surgeons advise combining them in cases they feel will provide better results. However, like all cosmetic surgical procedures, the surgeon’s skill and experience are crucial for superior results. Careful assessment of the extent of skin and tissue that would be available to cover the implant is necessary before performing the breast lift. With the right surgeon, women can expect the combo procedure to result in higher, firmer, and fuller breasts.