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Majority of Breast Augmentation Patients Satisfied with Results, Study Says

The plastic surgery industry is booming, according to the new 2013 statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Among plastic surgery procedures, one of the most sought after procedures in the United States is breast augmentation. As per the 2013 Statistics of ASPS, the total number of breast augmentation surgeries performed in the year 2013 is approximately 290,224, (up 1% from 2012) and that of breast lift surgery 90,006 (up 1% from 2012).

The majority of women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery to improve the appearance of their bust are satisfied with the results. These are the conclusions of in 2013 study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

Women also reported improvements in self-esteem and quality of life after surgery. The study highlighted information regarding expected outcomes after breast augmentation-including recovery time and psychological benefits. The study evaluated the outcomes in 225 women who had the procedure done, over a five year period. The patients were interviewed at least one month after breast augmentation. The survey had questions related to the recovery, results, complications and psychological effects. The patients were highly satisfied with their results.

The majority of women received saline-filled breast implants placed under the muscle. Ninety-seven percent of patients said the results met their expectations. 98 percent rated the results even better than expected. These findings are significant for women considering breast enhancement surgery to improve breast size and achieve more appealing looks. To make sure that you obtain the aesthetic results you are looking for, make sure that you have the procedure done by a trained plastic surgeon.