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Breast Augmentation Continues to Be a Popular Cosmetic Surgery

Breast augmentation has continued to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for women ever since it was introduced. This surgical procedure is recognized for its effectiveness in enhancing the volume and shape of the breasts. Women benefit from a more youthful and improved appearance, which accounts for the huge demand of this surgery. The latest report from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) highlights the fact that the procedure continues to maintain its popularity worldwide, positioned among the top 3 cosmetic procedures in 2014.

Data from a total of 1,391 plastic surgeons were compiled for the international survey.

  • Breast augmentation occupied the third position among the procedures performed most by surgeons worldwide last year. In 2013, the procedure was ranked number 1 internationally.
  • 1,348,197 breast enhancement procedures were performed in the year 2014.
  • It constituted around 14.0% of the total number of cosmetic surgical procedures performed internationally last year.
  • People in the USA performed the maximum number of breast enlargement procedures last year. 297,297 treatments were recorded, which accounted for 22.1% of the total procedures.
  • Brazil was second in the list with 185,042 procedures, which made up 13.7% of the total. Germany came third in the list with 47,905 treatments – i.e. 3.6% of the total.

The most common and conventionally followed breast enhancement technique is breast implant surgery and the choice can be made from FDA-approved saline implants, silicone gel implants and gummy bear implants. Women looking for a natural way to augment the breasts opt for advanced fat grafting procedure. The fat transfer procedure also rose in popularity last year as it took the fourth spot with 965,727 procedures that made up 10.0% of the total treatments. In this treatment, surplus fat from areas such as the abdomen and thighs is removed through liposuction, and is later processed and injected into areas such as the breasts, buttocks and face to enhance the shape or size. Its wide use in breast augmentation procedures might have added to its popularity.

Like any other surgical procedure, whether cosmetic or reconstructive, breast enlargement surgery should be provided ideally by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. The procedure will help restore breast volume lost due to childbearing, breastfeeding or dieting. The improved appearance and enhanced femininity will in turn improve your self confidence and self esteem, making you look and feel good.