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Learn More about Non-surgical Breast Augmentation

Many women come to New York City to have breast augmentation as established practices offer them a variety of options to achieve their goals. One of the latest is fat transfer breast augmentation. This non-surgical method is an ideal alternative for women who desire only subtle breast enhancement and have fat to spare. This micro-droplet technique involves extracting the fat through liposuction from body areas where it is available in abundance, and processing and injecting it into the breasts to improve volume and shape.

NYC plastic surgeons skilled in the micro-droplet technique inject the fat from the donor sites into strategic areas in the breasts to achieve an aesthetically pleasing outcome. However, women need to know that this non-surgical method is suitable only for those who are looking to achieve a relatively small increase in breast size such as from a B cup to a C cup or a small D cup. The micro-droplet technique is already popular for dermal fillers and Botox injections. For breast enhancement, this method provides long-lasting, natural looking results. A series of injections are involved, providing immediate results – a fuller, smoother and more balanced contour.

The short duration procedure requires only local anesthesia. The term ‘non-surgical’ does not mean “non-invasive” as the fat needed for the procedure is removed via minimally-invasive liposuction.

Choosing a skilled plastic surgeon specialized in the procedure matters for safe treatment and attractive results. When the injections are made inappropriately using too much pressure or putting in too big of a drop, it can result in large lumps in the breast and lead to false positives during breast-cancer screening. How much fat will survive is another concern. As the micro-droplet technique allows micro blood vessels to form in each droplet of fat, the chances of survival are greater. Using VASER liposuction can preserve the viability of the fat cells for use in such fat transfer procedures.

The bottom line is that fat transfer breast enhancement is an ideal option for women who

  • have fat to spare
  • desire mild to moderate enhancement
  • want to avoid implants and related issues

An additional benefit of this ‘natural’ option is that the donor site gets contoured by the removal of excess fat. If you are the right candidate, an expert breast augmentation surgeon in New York City can provide you with attractive results.