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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation for Natural Looking Results

For many years, breast augmentation meant choosing between saline and silicone implants. But not any more – fat transfer breast augmentation is here! Though the procedure became popular in the 1980s, concerns were raised about its side effects. However, with medical research touching new frontiers, breast augmentation using the patient’s own fat along with stem cells has gained popularity as one of the most viable options, offering efficacy, safety and attractive, natural looking results.

Only specially trained plastic surgeons can perform fat transfer breast augmentation. One of greatest benefits of the procedure is that there is no need to insert foreign material into the body. Using your own fat also reduces the chances of rejection. You are an ideal candidate if you have surplus fat in areas such as hips, back or thighs that can be harvested via liposuction, purified, and transferred to the breasts to improve size and contour. So this procedure actually offers a double benefit – beautiful breasts and improved contour in the donor sites.

In established AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practices, 3D breast imaging is used to gauge the actual amount of fat required as well as the right position for placement. This superior imaging capability is a great aid for pre-operative planning, helping surgeons to assess the end results and plan further interventions.

The injected stem cells have the unique capability of reproducing themselves and encouraging the growth of blood vessels which helps the breasts to become firmer and fuller. This minimally invasive technique gets completed in a short time and scarring and other side effects are minimal when it is performed by a skilled plastic surgeon. In addition to general enhancement, fat transfer breast augmentation is being hailed as the ideal option when it comes to correcting genetic size discrepancies, restoring the breasts to pre-pregnancy shape and restoring shape after a lumpectomy.

Achieving shapely and more youthful looking is no longer a challenge with this hassle-free, natural breast surgery solution.