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Breast Implants Not a Significant Factor for Postpartum Sagging, Says Study

Women seeking breast augmentation surgery with breast implants often ask the question – will my breasts sag overtime? Many believe that this will happen, but informed sources say this is a misconception. WebMed reports on a recent study presented at the meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons which says that women who have had breast augmentation with implants may not have to worry about sagging. The researchers observed 120 women with breast implants and found that breast feeding is not a significant factor for breast sagging.

The changes in breast measurements of 57 women with implants who breast-fed for more than six months on average were compared with 62 other women with implants who did not breast-feed. It was found that

  • There were no marked changes in breast measurements or in sagging among those who did breast-feed and those who did not
  • Breast measurements and sagging did increase, but they were due to changes related to pregnancy and not to breastfeeding

The main reason why breasts lose their shape and sag are the changes that occur after pregnancy. During pregnancy, the production of hormones causes the breast tissue to get inflated and expanded. After childbirth, these hormone levels are greatly reduced and the breasts deflate which results in sagging.

Implants add some weight to the breasts, which may increase the rate of relaxation. However, the implants and surrounding scar tissue can provide some internal support for the breasts, that is, the presence of the implant actually causes some degree of breast lifting. Though not a substitute for a formal breast lift, breast implants provide a minimal amount of lifting for slightly sagging breasts.

Breast implants are placed under the breast gland, either above or under the pectoralis muscle. Regardless of the method adopted, there is no disruption to the breast gland or the milk ducts to the nipple. Women can rest assured that having breast implant surgery will not affect their ability to breast feed.