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Why Choosing the Right Implant Size is Important

Most women want big bosoms and have breast augmentation with implants to fulfill their goal. But there’s one important thing you should know – it’s very important to choose the right breast implant size. Ideally, the implant size should be proportionate to the rest of your body. If they are too big, you could end up with serious health issues like reality star Heidi Montag.

In her talk with ET on Fox News, Heidi confessed that her F-cup implants had caused many problems. Though she initially enjoyed her look, she was forced to replace them with D-cup implants because of the issues that her F-cup implants resulted in which included a ruptured disc in the neck, muscular and spinal damage to the back, and numbness in the arm due to pinched nerves.

If you are considering breast enhancement with implants, your first task should be to find a plastic surgeon that is skilled and experienced in implant procedures. The right surgeon would advise you on choosing the right implant size – one that goes with your body type and breast anatomy and can achieve the look you desire.

The surgeon will evaluates your anatomy and takes accurate measurements of your chest and breasts to determine the proper implant size for your frame. An expert surgeon will also consider the laxity of your skin and make sure there is enough tissue to cover the implants.

Expert surgeons employ advanced 3D technologies like Axis Three technology to help patients view the potential results before the surgery. This 3D simulation technology helps the surgeon demonstrate the effects of your implant placement and realistically project the final outcome. Up to six simulations are displayed at one time. The surgeon will compare them side by side and rotate the images so that you can view them from any angle. So this simulation system helps you choose the most comfortable implant size and type. Discuss your goals, desires and doubts during your initial consultation with the plastic surgeon. This will help achieve a superior surgical outcome.