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Breast Implant Surgery – Fifty Years and Still Going Strong

Recent statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) say that breast augmentation tops the list for cosmetic surgery procedures. Breast augmentation with implants was introduced in 1962 and the popularity of the procedure surged substantially since then. This shows that despite the controversies surrounding breast implant surgery, it continues to appeal to women as a way to improve the shape and size of their breasts.

In a survey conducted last year, the results of which were published in the May issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 98% of the respondents said they were happy with the outcome of their breast augmentation procedure. Up to 92 percent of women reported improved self-esteem and 64 percent reported an improved quality of life after this cosmetic surgery procedure.

Most of the women surveyed had enhanced breast size with saline-filled breast implants placed under the muscle. Silicone gel implants are popular too as they offer more natural looking results. In 2006, a new stable silicone implant was introduced that is more user-friendly and stable and did not leak.

Implant related concerns have been largely addressed by a new option – fat transfer breast enhancement. This method involves using autologous fatty tissue for augmenting the breasts, that is, fat is removed from specific areas of the woman’s body and transferred to her chest to enhance breast size and volume. This method also offers the added benefit of contouring the donor site, thereby improving overall physical appearance.

For an effective outcome and safe procedures, make sure you are in expert hands if you are considering a breast enhancement procedure. Have a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon in an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice perform your breast augmentation surgery.