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Are You a Candidate for Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

Women have various options to choose from when it comes to breast enhancement: saline, silicone, or gummy bear breast implants, fat transfer breast enhancement, and composite breast augmentation. Of these, augmentation with implants is the most common option, with the highly cohesive gummy bear device fast gaining popularity for its safety and effectiveness in breast augmentation and reconstruction. However, women need to meet some conditions to be the right candidate for augmentation with the new cohesive gel implants.

These implants are designed to offer more natural appearance, improve symmetry, and enhance the breast size. They have the unique capability of retaining their shape and remain stable even when cut in half, much like gummy bear candies. They also offer a longer lasting outcome. To be a good candidate for augmentation with these implants you need to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Be in good health with a healthy weight
  • Not smoke or be ready to refrain from smoking for a few weeks before and after the procedure
  • Not have any breast disease or infections
  • Have no side effects with general anesthesia
  • Are not pregnant or nursing
  • Be emotionally stable
  • Have realistic expectations about the results

Gummy bear breast implants come in "tear drop" shapes, which offer a more natural slope to the breast. For good results, women need to have sufficient breast tissue, good skin tone, and not have significant breast sagginess. Women with significant breast sagging and very thin tissues are better treated with a round implant. Women with breast asymmetries or breasts with a constricted base are also good candidates for the gummy bear option.

With gradually-sloped tops and full bottoms, these implants offer a natural looking outcome. The thick silicone gel making is less likely to wrinkle, fold or ripple. More importantly, the chances of capsular contracture are also lower, improving the success rate of the procedure. As they are available in a variety of sizes, gummy bear implants offer an anatomical shape which can match the natural body characteristics.