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Breast Augmentation Tops Popular Cosmetic Surgical Procedures List Once Again

Ever since the introduction of advanced breast augmentation techniques, there has been a tremendous increase in women undergoing the procedure. The popularity of the procedure has soared over the years and it now seems to have secured a permanent position among the top 5 cosmetic procedures. Statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons on top five cosmetic surgical procedures of 2013 ranks breast augmentation in first position. The number of breast augmentation procedures performed last year was 290,000, up by 1% from 2012.

FDA approved saline, silicone and gummy bear breast implants are the most popular options for breast augmentation. Women can choose from implants in various shapes and sizes as well as from various incision placement modes to suit their anatomical considerations. Expert plastic surgeons are also offering fat transfer breast enhancement. In this method, fat is harvested from areas where it is abundant and transferred to the breasts to boost size and contour. Composite breast augmentation, which involves combining breast implants and fat grafting, is also becoming popular as it provides better volume and more natural looking results.

Three-dimensional technology has taken cosmetic breast surgery to a new level. Three-dimensional outcome simulation is used to predict and show the patient what the planned surgery aims to achieve in terms of size and shape. This improves patient confidence and also helps the plastic surgeon in pre-operative planning.

Recent studies report high satisfaction rates among breast augmentation patients. However, results largely depend on the choice of plastic surgery practice and the plastic surgeon.