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Sub-muscular vs. Sub-glandular Placement of Breast Implants

Breast implant surgery is a popular procedure among women that is provided to restore their breast contour by improving the size and shape of the breasts and making them proportionate to the body. Apart from enhancing a woman’s femininity, this procedure also improves her self confidence and comfort. Women choosing to undergo this surgery can presently make their choice from FDA-approved saline, silicone and gummy bear implants. However, the implant placement options also count a lot as regards the outcome of the procedure. The option chosen may be different from one person to another and mostly depends on the type of implant being used. Surgeons commonly prefer sub-muscular and sub-glandular placement of implants and they would make the decision that is most suitable for each candidate. Let us look at the breast implant placement options to achieve a better understanding of breast augmentation possibilities.

  • In the sub-glandular method, the implants are placed under the breast tissue and over the chest muscle. For the sub-muscular method, they are placed under or partially under the chest muscle.
  • In the sub-glandular method, the time required for surgery and recovery would be less. More importantly, it offers easy accessibility to the implants if re-operation is needed. Also, these implants are easier to see and feel through the skin.
  • In the sub-muscular method, recovery may be comparatively longer and more painful. This kind of placement may however, make the implants less palpable and thereby reduce the capsular contracture risk. Importantly, it offers easier mammographic imaging of the breast.
  • However, some surgeons believe that when using textured implants, the rate of capsular contracture is reduced, even when placed above the muscle.
  • When women have adequate breast tissue, sub-glandular placement would offer the most natural looking result. However, when they have only average or little breast tissue, sub-muscular placement would be preferred to avoid fake-looking breasts.
  • In most fully sub-muscular placements, the implant would be better supported which causes only less sagging in the long run.

The decision whether the implant should be placed above the muscle or below the muscle can’t be made beforehand. This has a lot to do with the physical characteristics of each woman and implant type and a good surgeon can make the right decision.