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Gifting a Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

The trend of gifting a cosmetic surgery procedure is catching on. In December 2013, ABC News reported that some plastic surgeons and dermatologists noted a significant increase in the number of gifted procedures during the holiday season. According to one surgeon, nose jobs, eyelid surgery and breast augmentation – in that order – were the most popular gifted procedures.

However, bestowing a loved one with an aesthetic procedure has to be done with some caution. You have to be sure that the gift will be appreciated and that the recipient does not consider it intrusive or offensive. Also, if you are considering buying someone a surgery, don’t make it a surprise. For instance, if a man gifts his girl friend a breast enhancement procedure or a nose job, it may offend her if she did not ask for it.

On the other hand, a gifted procedure would be appreciated if the person really wants it and asks for it. Take the case of 22-year-old Rochelle Bathew who recently made headlines when she got her fiancé to pay for her breast augmentation before she married him. Bathew hated her 32B breasts and felt they would spoil the way she looked in her wedding gown. As her fiancé wanted to see her happy on her wedding day, he paid for her to look stunning on the big day by gifting her the surgical procedure that made her a 30FF.

Most women would like to increase the size of their breasts and that’s what has made breast augmentation top the list of most common plastic surgery procedures in many countries. Well-shaped breasts help define a woman’s femininity. There are many options available such as breast implants, fat transfer breast enhancement and composite breast augmentation. Your plastic surgeon would help you choose the right option, including size and shape, based on your specific goals and physical considerations.