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Selecting the Right Breast Implant Size

Breast augmentation with implants is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures today. The aim is to achieve the bust size that would enhance physical appearance and self-confidence. One of the most important decisions to make when considering augmentation is about the size of the implant. Making the right choice would have a significant impact on the outcome and help avoid the need for re-operation to replace the implants.

Determining Implant Size – Factors to Consider

Though another woman who has implants may resemble you physically in terms of overall body size, what looks good on her may not look good on you. Every woman needs a customized solution. The implants you choose must be neither too large nor too small and should be proportional to the body. Here are some factors that go into making the right decision about implant size.

  • Physical Attributes – While choosing the size, body shape and size including height, weight, body frame, shoulder width, hip width and starting breast volume must be taken into account. This will help maintain proportion.
  • Personality – You tell your surgeon about the impression that you want to convey and how you want to appear in public. With the right sized implants, you can look good in anything you wear.
  • Don’t think ‘Bra Size’ – Cup size should not be considered a factor to determine implant size as bra sizes vary among different manufacturers and fit differently.
  • Communicate your goals – Don’t leave the decision-making process to the surgeon. Instead, consider the expert’s recommendations and precautions seriously to come to the appropriate conclusion. The final decision should be yours.
  • Sports and exercise – Women engaged in sports and used to vigorous exercises are better off with implants that will not interfere with such routines.

In established plastic surgery practices, plastic surgeons utilize 3D imaging machines to create a digital image of torso to show patients what the outcome will look like with breast prostheses in various sizes. The surgeon guides the patient on deciding which breast implant size would best meet their goals. Such technology has greatly enhanced the decision-making process, leading to improved results and greater patient satisfaction.