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Breast Augmentation – Some Facts You May Not Know

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure very much in demand mainly on account of the impressive results it produces. However, the success of a breast enlargement surgery depends on certain factors such as proper and symmetrical placement of the breast implants, how the patient’s body responds to them and how stable the implant devices are over a long period. Breast enhancement via fat transfer is a relatively new technique that produces more natural results.

Here are some facts about the breast augmentation procedure that you may not know.

  • The natural features of the breasts get enhanced when implants are placed. Irrespective of whether the implant is round or anatomical (tear drop) in shape, the final breast contour would depend also on the breast tissues the patient has. The quantity of breast skin and glandular tissue and the way it hangs or sags all add to the final outcome.
  • Following pregnancy or weight loss, the breasts can become small or deflated but the difference between the two breasts would be too insignificant to notice. However, once the implants are placed, there could be a 100% to 500% increase in volume. This large increase in size may make the difference more obvious.
  • Not only does the type of treatment and the proficiency of the surgeon, but the body’s healing response to breast implants can also affect the way the final breasts look. The layer of scar tissue that develops around the implant may restrict the implant’s ability to move freely and this may affect the way a breast implant looks and feels. Sometimes this scar tissue may become abnormally thick and result in capsular contracture. In such a case, the breast may become firmer and look asymmetric compared to the other breast.
  • Women may have a natural breast asymmetry and so the results may not be perfect even if the surgery is performed most efficiently and carefully.
  • No breast implants are life time devices and can have some limitations. Women need to be aware that no implants last for ever and there can be one stage when the implants may need replacement. Studies by manufacturers of breast implants point out that almost 30% of patients require revision surgery.

Women looking for augmentation of breasts must approach a reliable plastic surgeon experienced in providing this aesthetic procedure. A dedicated surgeon would explain all aspects of the procedure, the results to expect, and the importance of maintaining realistic expectations. This will help you take an informed decision. A skilled and experienced surgeon would focus on providing customized surgery in keeping with the individual requirements of his/her patients and thereby achieve the best possible outcome.