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Breast Augmentation – Myths and Facts

Advanced breast augmentation procedure is a good option to address aesthetic concerns such as lost breast volume or breast asymmetry. This surgery helps to restore a natural breast contour contributing to one’s femininity and attractiveness. Saline, silicone or gummy bear implants, fat transfer and composite augmentation are the popular methods for augmentation of breasts. Though the procedure is a popular one, there are a number of myths associated with it. Let us look at some of these common myths.

  • Breast implants always look fake: No, a good surgeon can choose the right implant type for you so that the new breasts are proportionate to your body and the results look natural.
  • There is only one best way to do it: There is no single method that suits all. Candidates for the procedure may have different desires, needs, and body types. A good surgeon will have a personalized treatment plan in keeping with the requirements of each candidate.
  • Recovery after treatment is very painful: Many of the women who underwent the surgery reported minimal pain. Even if there is pain, it can be managed with painkillers.
  • The same surgeon can offer the same results for everyone: The final results may be different for each candidate depending on a number of factors. Each candidate‚Äôs body type and breast anatomy would be unique and the surgeon chooses the technique that he knows will bring about optimal results for each person. Even though the results depend on your surgeon, they also depend on your body type and your individual requirements.
  • The procedure is meant for women who want very large breasts: Breast augmentation is meant for women who desire more volume for their breasts, not necessarily very large breasts. The surgery is designed and customized to provide the right sized breasts that are proportionate to each body type.
  • It is a very simple procedure: No, this is not a very simple treatment which can be performed by any surgeon. Only a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon can handle this procedure well.
  • Bigger breasts always help one look better: This is not always the case. However, when the breasts are big enough to match the overall body contour, it can contribute to a graceful appearance.
  • Breast feeding is not possible with implants: This is not necessarily true as many women who have undergone the surgery reported successful breast feeding after the treatment. Some women may face problems though. A good surgeon carries out the surgery keeping in mind the breast feeding needs. That is why most of the surgeons avoid a nipple incision and insert the implant under the breast crease whenever possible.
  • Results make you look impressive right away: You cannot expect immediate results. You can get the desired results once you are completely recovered from the procedure, i.e. it needs time and good healing to achieve that.
  • Augmentation gives a perfect body line: If you already have an attractive body but unattractive bust line, an augmentation can make you look better. It can enhance the appearance of your breasts but it is unrealistic to expect a perfect bodyline with just an augmentation Consult your physician before you make a decision.
  • Breast implants can last a lifetime: No, it is not wise to think that breast implants last a lifetime. The average life span of an implant is around 15 years or so but there can be cases where people find it attractive for more years.

Always get good advice from a qualified plastic surgeon that is skilled and experienced in the procedure, who would help you take an informed decision and offer personalized solutions.