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Study Reveals the Ideal Breast Ratio

Even when we say no cosmetic surgery results are perfect, a new study has tried to figure out the ideal breast proportion, which would make them look the best. The study results will serve as a guideline for plastic surgeons striving to give superior breast enhancement results to their patients. According to the study published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, British researchers have pinpointed the ideal breast ratio as 45:55. The results emerged during a survey conducted among 1,315 people including men, women and surgeons. The participants were asked to have a look at photos of different breasts and choose the proportions they liked the most.

The winning ratio across all three groups was 45:55 – 45% of breast tissue falls above the nipple line and 55% below it. Researchers noted this proportion as a natural shape, similar to that of Venus de Milo. According to them, the old round implants actually give the breasts a fake look rather than a natural boost. Interestingly, women over 40 in the study were more for the perfectly even melon shape, mainly because they pined for what they lost up top. The breasts become fattier, lose volume, the skin sags and the nipple falls as women age.

The survey was intended to identify the most appealing breast size and thereby help surgeons improve breast augmentation results. In addition to providing a guideline as regards the augmentation of breasts, the survey results will also guide them when performing breast reduction and breast reconstruction procedures.

The new findings regarding breast size contradicts the conventional idea that men prefer extra large fake-looking breasts.

Another story highlights real life examples of celebrities who have scientifically perfect breasts as noted in the initial survey. According to this report, the Duchess of Cambridge and Scarlett Johansson’s breasts are technically perfect. Megan Fox, Miranda Kerr, Katy Perry and Kelly Brook are also blessed with the ‘perfect’ proportions, having an ideally placed ‘nipple meridian’.