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Study Reveals Benefits of Combination Breast Lift and Augmentation

Women who have breast augmentation are sometimes advised by their plastic surgeon to have a breast lift in conjunction with the procedure so as to improve the results. A recent study reports that this combination procedure is safe and efficient. According to the report published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, performing a breast lift together with augmentation is safe and effective. The risks, complications and possibilities of revision surgery were more or less same with standalone procedures and combination procedures. So having a single procedure is better as it helps avoid multiple surgical trauma, time investment in two separate procedures, and allows patients to experience enhanced results with single downtime and recovery period.

The benefits of combining breast lift and augmentation include

  • The results of augmentation are enhanced with a breast lift as it helps resolve sagging. The end result will be a well-shaped and more youthful looking bust line
  • Not waiting for a second surgery will speed up the whole process and women can enjoy their preferred look more quickly
  • A lift would effectively reshape the skin and the surrounding tissues and result in an ideal framework to support the breast implants
  • The overall expenses for the candidates would also be much lower for a single procedure than for two separate ones. You can avoid taking off from work on multiple occasions

In view of all these benefits, choosing to correct sagging breasts and increase volume in a single session is a great option. However, choosing a qualified and experienced cosmetic breast surgeon is crucial to enjoy the best results and ensure safe and efficient procedures. Not all surgeons would have the skill necessary to perform this combination procedure. In fact, choosing the right surgeon could be the key to avoiding revision surgery.