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Study Reveals Improved Breast Augmentation Outcome Using Fat Grafting

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that enjoys widespread popularity because of the attractive aesthetic results it provides, improving your overall appearance and boosting your self confidence. Breast enhancement using implants is the accepted conventional method and augmentation via fat grafting procedure is relatively new but already popular. A recent study compared the results obtained from implant augmentation procedure and the procedure combining implant augmentation and fat grafting. The study revealed that improved results are obtained from the latter option.

The study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® found that using the patient’s own fat for augmentation offered an improved cleavage and natural-looking results. The report said, “In particular, the fat grafting technique can achieve a more natural-appearing cleavage-avoiding the “separated breasts” appearance that can occur after breast augmentation.”

For the study, the outcomes of breast augmentation surgery in 59 women were analyzed. Thirty-eight women underwent conventional surgery using breast implants only. A combination technique using breast implants plus “selective para-sternal fat grafting” was performed on the remaining 21 of them. The distance between the medial border of the breasts, or “vertical aesthetic line” (VAL) was measured after the treatment. Paired breast photographs, digitally altered to show a narrower or wider VAL were rated for attractiveness by 20 observers.

  • High satisfaction rates were reported by both the groups
  • Women who had the fat grafting technique showed a more natural cleavage
  • The average VAL was 2.26 centimeters in women who had implants only versus 0.6 centimeter with fat grafting plus implants
  • Images with a narrower distance between the breasts were selected by 95 percent of participants in the questionnaire for breast attractiveness
  • No major complications related to fat grafting was reported

Combination technique of breast implants with fat grafting has already won popularity and is dubbed as composite breast augmentation. The “separated breasts” appearance is a problem among thin women and this innovative technique can help avoid this look and produce a smoother transition between the breasts.

An experienced plastic surgeon can evaluate your health status and body anatomy and recommend the right breast enhancement technique for you which will ensure attractive results.