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Is It Possible to Avoid Scarring after Breast Lift Surgery?

Women looking to address sagging breasts and improve their bust line can undergo breast lift surgery to meet their aesthetic goals. Established plastic surgery practices in Manhattan offer this advanced breast enhancement procedure to help women restore their youthful-looking breast profile. Among the main concerns women have regarding the procedure are the scars that may result from the surgery. And that is the reason why some women hesitate to undergo the surgery and others are looking for any options available to avoid scarring following the surgery. It is not possible to completely avoid scars after invasive breast lift surgery. However, an experienced, skilled plastic surgeon could help to make the scars least visible and achieve natural-looking results.

A good surgeon would choose from a range of approaches and techniques for breast lift incisions that would result in only minimally visible scars. These may include vertical incision that leaves a thin scar or a horizontal incision in the crease at the bottom of the breast which will leave a scar that would lie hidden by the clothing.

Most importantly, you must be very careful during the recovery period so that the scars that occur will fade over time. Avoid habits such as smoking until complete recovery or else it may lead to poor scar healing or higher incidence of infection. Avoid tanning and exposure to the sun and apply sunscreen whenever you go out so that the scars fade soon and do not intensify. Also, get proper nutrition and eat a balanced diet to recover healthily.

If you are still bothered about the possibility of minimal scarring, and that is preventing you from undergoing breast lift surgery, you have to weigh the benefits of the outcome against the scars. This would surely motivate you to take up the procedure leaving behind the concerns related to scars. A successful procedure would gift you an attractive bust line and you can look attractive in your favorite clothing.

The plastic surgeon may recommend creams or lotions that would help you reduce the appearance of the scars and help them fade soon. When considering the long-term results of firmer, younger-looking breasts, worries regarding scars would be negligible.

Choose the right breast lift surgeon in Manhattan who is skilled and experienced in the procedure. He/she would understand your concerns and choose the right technique that causes minimal scarring and offers a youthful breast contour.