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Dispelling Common Myths About Breast Lift Surgery

Aging, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, heredity, gravity, and breast feeding can result in sagging or drooping breasts. Mastopexy or breast lift surgery provides the solution and results in an attractive and youthful contour.

However, despite its growing popularity, there are many myths associated with this cosmetic surgical procedure, which are mostly due to an incorrect understanding and knowledge about what it involves. To make an informed decision about going ahead with the treatment, it is important to know the facts related to mastopexy. That’s why it’s necessary to dispel the common myths about this surgical procedure.

Mastopexy Only Lifts the Breasts – This procedure typically involves lifting the breasts to more aesthetically pleasing position and firm the bust. This is done by removing excess skin and tightening the tissue in the area to support the new shape. However, if volume correction is required, women can opt to have breast implants. Combining these two procedures can improve the outcome.

Breasts will Appear Perky and Permanently Lifted – Although this surgery results perky and more youthful-looking breasts, factors such as weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and aging can cause sagging over time.

Stretch Marks can be Removed – If the surgery involves removal of some of the skin, stretch marks can be removed. However, if the skin is only lifted, chances are that stretch marks will smooth out but still be visible.

Recovery Period is Lengthy – The use of advanced technology and techniques has shortened the recovery period, though the length of time to recover depends on the extent of the correction done.

Scarring Issues – There is a common concern among the patients that this procedure will leave very long scars. Skilled plastic surgeons would use incision patterns that minimize scarring.

Exercise can replace Mastopexy – Exercise tones the muscles which can fill out loose skin over time. But only a lift can result in firmer skin by tightening the tissues around the breast.

Fat grafting makes the breasts immune to weight fluctuations and other changes – Weight fluctuations affect the bust as much as the rest of the body. Maintaining a healthy weight before undergoing a mastopexy can help sustain the youthful looking contour.