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Lunchtime Lift for Temporary Breast Enhancement

Lunchtime breast enhancement is an instant, non-invasive and quick solution which is becoming very popular. It is the ideal option for women who want to improve their appearance for special events, parties and vacations without undergoing breast implant surgery. The effects of the procedure last 24 hours, and it is less risky when compared to regular breast enlargement surgery.

The temporary enlargement involves injecting a sterile saline or salt solution into the breasts, which quickly improves size. The solution is injected into the between the breast and the fat cells and there is no need to go behind the chest muscle as with implants. The saline solution is absorbed back into the bloodstream in about 24 hours, and the breasts will start to return to their normal size and shape.

There is no downtime for this procedure as it doesn’t involve any surgery and usually takes just 30-60 minutes, depending on the number of desired size adjustments. This process requires only local anesthesia. The sterile solution is injected to shape and lift the bust tissue just like implants and the results are visible almost immediately. Some mild bruising and soreness after the procedure are typical and these effects subside after some time.

These injections were originally meant as a way for women considering augmentation surgeries to see how they might look with larger breasts. Some surgeons also used the injection as a trial run to help women see and decide whether they would be happy or satisfied with the new size.

The use of 3D imaging technologies like Axis Three 3D and VECTRA 3D imaging systems have greatly enhanced the consultation experience. These platforms provide patients 3D images of how their bodies will look after the treatment. Viewing potential results allows patients to make a confident decision about going ahead with the treatment. They can preview various surgical options and work together with the plastic surgeon to develop a treatment plan that can best meet their aesthetic goals.

In established based plastic surgery practices, lunch time breast enhancement procedure should be carried out under the supervision of experienced and skilled plastic surgeons. Using advanced technologies and innovative methods, these practices provide solutions to help women enhance their appearance safely and effectively.