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Temporary Saline Injections for Non-invasive Breast Enhancement

Well-shaped breasts enhance femininity, but having surgery to boost size and shape is often not an option for women with busy lifestyles. Fortunately, there is a procedure that can boost breast size instantly – temporary saline injections. Also called a lunchtime lift, this non-invasive breast enhancement procedure is the answer to transforming your looks for special occasions, parties and vacations.

Breast augmentation surgery with implants or fat grafts can undoubtedly provide the desired enhancement with long-lasting results. However, surgery would involve some downtime and period for recovery. The lunchtime lift is a short 20-minute procedure that can enhance breast size immediately, helping you fit well into that halter top, bikini or other outfit that you got for that special occasion.

The injected saline solution fills the connective tissue gaps between the breast and fat cells and based on the volume of fluid used, gives the breast mound the desired projection. The treatment is safe as the saltwater is absorbed back into the bloodstream in about 24 hours. The effects of the enhancement last for one full day. According to a report in the New York Times, surgeons report that apart from some stretching out of the skin, minor bruising is the only complication.

This 24 hour breast enhancement procedure offers another advantage – if you are considering implants, these injections can give you an idea of how you look with larger breasts. This would help you feel more confident about going ahead with the surgery.

Women should be wary and not be taken in by DIY injections, which are dangerous and can even prove fatal. Only a qualified, trained and experienced plastic surgeon can administer temporary saline injections safely and with optimal results.