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Common Misconceptions about Breast Augmentation and Lift Combo

Breast augmentation and breast lift surgery are among the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures. While the augmentation procedure improves breast size and shape, the lift repositions the nipples and resolves sagging. Some women are advised a combination of these procedures to enhance the outcome. A recent article published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) says that there are many common misconceptions about this combo surgery or ‘augmentation mastopexy’ and attempts to debunk them.

The first misconception is that having breast augmentation and breast lift at the same time requires just one surgery to get the desired results. The author explains that this is not so as the combination procedure is usually done in stages. An experienced surgeon would stage the procedure based on patient goals and the extent of sagging. This will enhance patient safety and allow for the body to recoup in between the operations. This would also lower the risk of postoperative complications such as skin breakdown, reduced nipple sensation, and complete loss of the nipple.

The second common misconception is that only one incision is needed around the nipple/areola so that there would be no scars. The truth is that each woman’s breasts are different in shape and size and based on their anatomy, different incisions may be needed in different areas to achieve optimal results. A woman with more sagging issues would most likely need more incisions to properly lift and reshape the breasts. Conversely, fewer incisions are the norm for women with less sagging.

Educating yourself is important to avoid misapprehensions about the procedure and the results. If you are planning to have cosmetic breast surgery, choose a well-qualified, experienced and reliable plastic surgeon. Ask the surgeon everything you want to know about the treatment, including your options and the risks and benefits involved. This will help you take an informed decision.